The ideological basis of the Law and Justice programme is respect for the inherent and inalienable dignity of every human being. Protecting this dignity is the main duty and justification for the existence of a political community. Such dignity constitutes the foundation of the most fundamental rights of the human being. Three of these rights are of particular importance - the right to life, the right to freedom and the right to equality which is rooted in human solidarity.

We firmly reject the juxtaposition of security and freedom frequently encountered both in the history of ideas and in politics. By adopting a personalistic concept of man and a solidaristic vision of social order based on justice, this contradiction can be overcome by means of democratic mechanisms and procedures. It is only democracy which provides an individual with subjectivity, that is, with the state of being a citizen, and only in democracy can a balance of social forces be built up that enables a just policy and concurrently constitutes a precondition for the rule of law. 

Both rapid development and the raising of self-esteem among Poles who have lost it require not only a sovereign and democratic state, but also an efficient one.

The state must be truly capable of combatting pathology, and it must not allow its organs to be used by external centres of power which act for their own benefit. 

We want the whole of Europe to be a sphere of freedom, equality, solidarity and justice, and we believe that a model of social life based on the values of our tradition, when put into practice, can have a significant impact by setting a good example. However, we reject any moves aimed at cultural unification.

We reject political correctness, as a restriction that is affecting many Europeans ever harder, and which today is being imposed not merely through cultural aggression, but also through administrative measures and penal repression.

A sovereign nation state of our own is a key value for us since other values which we consider fundamental cannot be attained without it. 

A sovereign, democratic, law-abiding state, and an efficient one at the same time, where Polish families can survive and develop. Such a state is feasible provided that we keep developing as a nation, a community of free Poles, a community of Polish families, an economic organism, a political entity and a cultural model. 

Rapid development and a fundamental modernisation of our economy are the best guarantee to raise the standard of living of the Polish families. It is necessary to strengthen our state, democracy in Poland since otherwise we will not be able to achieve the fundamental goals.

(Law and Justice Programme, 2014)

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